Get to know me

Hey – I’m Ollie! A freelance WordPress & digital marketing consultant. I’ve had quite the journey over the past 10 years – it started with humble beginnings, designing logos and album covers for friends at University while I taught myself how to write code. From there I worked at various agencies, creating websites for…well, let’s just say I thought I had a better shot on my own.

I can tell you there’s nothing empowering about churning out website after website, for nothing other than a monetary reward. So, I took a chance on myself and decided to use my talents to actually help people.

Since going freelance in 2014, I’ve helped many small business around the country, and the US – by providing more than just digital experiences; I offer results-driven services that help people actually improve their business, whether that means getting new customers through the door, providing guidance, or offering a realistic marketing strategy.

Ollie Clark Freelance Web Designer